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The Bluefish Are Here!

As we speak, there are lines in the water hoping to bring a good size bluefish into the boat or onto shore. Prized for their oil-rich meat and for the fight they put up when they bite the lure, these fish are a sign that summer is here! Bluefish are relatively inexpensive, compared to its other migratory partners (Striped Bass, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna) who show up off the New England coast every summer.  BerkShore has been reacquainting people with the deliciousness of Bluefish for a few years now and have had some success converting people while erasing old memories of eating grandpa’s “bad bluefish”.

The arrival of the Bluefish schools is a reminder that if we are to embrace supporting sustainable fisheries we must be flexible and adventurous with the fish we choose to consume.  Bluefish stocks are extremely healthy, and you will be too by eating them, so trust your local fishmonger or your favorite chef and  say “yes” to Bluefish.

Wes @ BerkShore

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  1. Well, just to say tht you are sorely missed at Northampton farmers’ markets. Every Tuesday we hope to spot you but you’re not there. You have great fish and a great looking oyster cart. Will it be in the Pioneer valley anytime soon?

    1. Hey Wendy,

      Thanks for the note. We miss being a part of that community for sure. Our cart is for hire, so if you or anybody you know is having a summer party, and wants fresh oysters, let me know. We are looking at a few dates to shuck @ Tuesday Market, so keep checking back on our facebook page or instagram for that and anyother announcements. If you are a social media person, please like both our BerkShore Oyster Co. pages on FB and Instagram as we are looking to get as much exposure as possible so we can keep the momentum going!

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