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Why Buying Local Matters – Our Tuna Season

Come about now, thousands of Yellowfin, Bigeye, and Albacore tuna make their way up the East Coast on their annual migration north to the same feeding grounds they have visited for centuries. As they pass through our waters, we have the unusual opportunity to harvest them and bring them to our tables where we can enjoy their tender, healthy, red & pink meat.

If your somebody who buys tuna on a regular basis, then you are choosing to buy tuna when it is out of season, at least here in the Northeast.  Therefore, the tuna you are buying has traveled, literally, thousands, of miles, probably from Asia and has been out of the water for a minimum of 1.5 weeks all the way to 3 weeks on some occasions.  Our ability to keep fish these days is incredible, and luckily tuna holds up very well.  But after hauling in the nets, putting the fish in the hold & burying with ice, arriving back in port, unloading, grading, being sold once or twice, it is only then does that fish make it into a hold of an airplane for its journey Northeast’ward.  Berkshore, buys and sells, Tuna all year, so we are not making any judgements here, we are just stating the facts so we can hopefully get you to recognize the significance of tuna season.

More than likely, the best tuna’s caught off our coasts will be shipped to Asia, probably Japan.  However, even with that, the tuna that is left for our enjoyment is incredible.  Most of the meat will be bright red to bubblegum pink, but the TEXTURE & FLAVOR is unparalleled to any dark red sushi tuna you’ve bought all year.  Remember, its not what it looks like that matters, its what is tastes like and the nutritional value that is the most important.  Plus, these ligher-red tunas sell for much less, so you get a better fish, for less.

When the albacore arrive, why not make your own tunafish salad?

When you see local tuna on the menu or at your local fish market…buy it!


Local Yellowfin Tuna

Local Yellowfin Tuna


Local Tuna 4 Ways



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