What We Do

We start fresh every morning and are fully committed to filling our truck everyday with the best fish we can find. Below, you can find information about our most commonly offered services. If you have questions about any of them, or would like to request a specialized service from BerkShore that you do not see listed, use the contact button at the bottom of the page to reach out to us.

A lineup of freshly-caught BerkShore fish.


We source and deliver the freshest fin-fish and shellfish. Our unique approach to quality-first sourcing (vs. value or price-fist sourcing) creates instant trust between us and our clients. Since we don't store or take inventory of any products, we are not burdened with moving sub-optimal seafood.

The BerkShore oyster bar set up at an event.

Oyster Bar

Farmer-direct oysters and clams or a custom-made oyster cart can make any occasion better. We handle everything, from shucking to providing our signature sauces to serve with your fresh seafood. Contact us to discuss your event, pricing, and availability!

A variety of fresh seafood by BerkShore.

Seafood Buying Consulting

We can help you build a successful seafood program regardless of the size of your organization or ideal menu using our extensive understanding of the economics and seasonality of seafood. We're also familiar with the buying patterns and habits of our region.

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